Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gardening Tips!

Tip #1 - Moles Moles have been mowing through my garden for two years now. Last year they ate little rows in all of my cucumbers and this year they chewed my lettuce down to the nubs. So, I bought a few pinwheels on Memorial Day for a couple dollars and placed them throughout; especially near the veggies they seem to enjoy the most. At this point there has been no damage since installation! The vibrations apparently scare them away. Try it and save your garden from these pesky critters.


Tip #2 - Cage Want to have more space for plants? Grow your cucumbers up a cage/fence/lattice. Whatever you choose, the cucs will climb up and still produce a healthy harvest.


Tip #3 - Grow grapes along your garden fence


Check out more of our crop here


  1. OOOohhh....those graps look amazing!!! Is it easy to grow grapes? I have NO gardening knowledge at ALL. I would like to know when to plant THIS and THAT....sigh....I should just read your blog for all those tips, huh?! :) Thanks for sharing. And glad you could find a mole solution! lol

  2. We just bought them last year and we didn't really get any growth out of them until this year. Now we have about 20 bunches so far. Our plan is to grow them all around the entire fence and make some jam or wine. We are still learning the dates for things too, except this year we just started everything all at once in tin pans and kept them inside until it was finally warm out.