Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feeling a bit off today....

Feeling a little off today?
My friends,
Are you having a bad day?
Are you swimming against the current?
Sometimes you have to convince yourself
that things will be alright.
Things will work out the way they are supposed to.
Work hard and do unto others.
Because, people mean well.
Deep, deep down, they mean well.
those same people need to realize
and internalize that the same things they hate in others,
are the same things they hate in themselves.
It takes strength to say,
“I need to change. I will be different.”
A concept that has been around longer than I have.
Perfect yourself before you attempt
to perfect others.
Who cares what they say.
This is you life.
Basically, this is about more than just some awesome toe socks with animals on them.
Yes, when shit hits the fan…
I wear these with pride.
But, it goes deeper than that.
It is about doing what makes you feel good.
Once again, it is the little things.
And nobody gets hurt